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“Yemen is between the anvil of the Houthis and the hammer of the terrorist groups”

Le 19 September, 2022

“Yemen is between the anvil of the Houthis and the hammer of the terrorist groups”

The event will be held in English and Arabic, simultaneous translation will be provided in the room and on Zoom

To participate on Zoom, please register here (click me)

The violations committed by the Houthi militia during the past year.

  • Journalists under pressure and intimidation.
  • The Land mines the hidden killer.

Speaker :

Mr. Basim Aljinani, journalist

Mr. Anis Abdullah 

The crimes of terrorist organizations against the people in the south.

Speaker : Mr. Nasr Al Aisaye

Moderator : Mr. Abdulrahman Almusaibly

The Southern Independent Group (SIG):

Southern Human Rights Group is an independent, non-profit organization. The group defends human rights with a focus on those affected in Yemen, the group also supports the victims of the armed conflict who have been spawned by conflicts and violations in Yemen, especially vulnerable groups such as women and children.

SIG was established by a group of human rights activists from different regions of Yemen, and several jurists that have joined recently. SIG has registered and obtained a license by (Cardiff companies house) the United Kingdom with No. (3842318).

The philosophy of our work is summarised in conveying the violations that affect the victims and the targeted groups in Yemen to policymakers and the parties concerned about human rights affairs on a global and local level.

The group’s work is not limited to monitoring and documentation only but extends to creating international public opinion to pressure the concerned authorities and influential countries to take measures that would push towards improving the humanitarian situation and put an end to human rights violations in the region.

Our team seeks to influence and pressure governments, decision-makers, and international bodies to consolidate the rules of international law, investigate violations, and hold perpetrators to account in a way that ensures an end to the policy of impunity, and supports and compensates victims financially and morally.

In many cases, the group succeeded in making a real change on the ground, represented in the response of decision-makers, parties in the conflict and the concerned authorities to improve their policies and deal with the crises in a way that ensures the protection of the rights of marginalised groups from victims and affected people.

The group works with all civil society actors (governmental and non-governmental agencies and organisations) that hold a vision similar to that of the group, the group seeks to achieve its goals through reporting and monitoring and taking sessions with the United Nations Human Rights Council, which is held periodically in Geneva as a platform for effective participation to communicate human rights issues and the suffering of Yemen to the world.

From this point of view, the SIG has aimed in this report to shed light on the extent and nature of the violations faced by the media and the freedom of the press in areas under the authority of the Houthi group and reach possible solutions for those violations that made the journalists and reporters criminal suspects, and in many cases, a traitor and sentenced to death.

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