Le Club suisse de la presse – Geneva Press Club a pour mission d’accueillir et d’aider les journalistes de passage à Genève et de favoriser les échanges entre les milieux suisses et internationaux de l’économie, de la politique, de la culture et des sciences d’une part, et de la presse suisse et étrangère installée en suisse romande et en France voisine d’autre part.


The Club

Since its creation in the autumn of 1997, the Geneva Press Club has received more than 30 Heads of State and Prime Ministers. It has organized more than 1,800 events, including a hundred or so press conferences, with the participation of prestigious ambassadors and key figures such as Fidel Castro, Kofi Annan, Henry Kissinger, the Dalaï-Lama, José Bové, Pascal Couchepin, Noam Chomsky, Wole Soyinka, Matthieu Kérékou, Nicolas Hayek, Bertrand Piccard, Michel Rocard, Dominique de Villepin or Stéphane Hessel. These encounters have resulted in thousands of articles and TV or radio reports all over the world.

The Geneva Press Club also gives NGOs and individuals from civil society the possibility of meeting representatives of the Swiss and international press at a reasonable price.

Each of these events attracted an average of 30 journalists (on-line audience included).

Today, the Geneva Press Club has about 35 media members (newspapers, radios, TV), 70 members from the public sector (public authorities, societies, international organizations, NGOs) and 300 individual subscription-paying members with voting rights. About 800 persons hold a personal Swiss Press Club card (450 journalists and 350 press attachés, publicists, Public Relations agents, diplomats and various public figures).

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Individual membership

Membership entitlements:

  • Participation in the Annual General Assembly
  • A free copy of the Swiss Media Directory
  • Invitations to press conferences
  • Free access to all Club events
  • Free access to the Communication Festival
  • Free access to clubs that are members of the European Federation of Press Clubs and of the International Association of Press Clubs

Media & collective member

Associative and media members are entitled to the following (depending on the subscription chosen):

    • 2 to 30 individual cards bearing the name of their society
    • free or discounted usage of the kitchen, Club lounges or the organization of one free press conference per year (direct costs excluded)
    • free circulation of press releases once to three times per year to the 1,500 addresses on our e-mail list
    • several copies of the Swiss Media Directory
    • a free publicity insert in the Club Directory
    • their logo displayed on the Swiss Press Club’s internet site