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YEMEN: “An Analytical Review of the Report The Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen”

YEMEN: “An Analytical Review of the Report The Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen”

The speakers at the conference will address what was stated in the report of The Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen published on september 14th 2020 (link to the report)

The speakers wish also to discuss the following points:

  1. The team’s mechanism for dealing with human rights and humanitarian issues in Yemen and its effectiveness.
  2. The report of experts in the balance of international human rights standards adopted.
  3. The powers granted to the team in accordance with the resolution issued by the Human Rights Council between commitment and transgression
  4. External influences on the work of the expert group and the extent of their influence

The press briefing will be held in arabic and english. Translation will be provided in the room in both languages.

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Mr. Juan Recimil Magariños

General Secretary at IYFFA ( International Youth Future Founders Association)

Mr. Murad Al-Gharati

President of Tamkeen Foundation for Development on line in Zoom

Mr. Nabil Alosaidi

Journalist and member of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate Council

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