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WHY IT MATTERS FOR THE WORLD Human Rights Situation In China And Pakistan

Le 16 March, 2022
2:00 pm

WHY IT MATTERS FOR THE WORLD Human Rights Situation In China And Pakistan

There are numerous reports appearing in the media about gross human rights violations in China and Pakistan. The stories of persecution of Uyghurs, Christians and other minorities in China and Baloch, Sindhi, Christians are completely barred to go and report the atrocities from the area. The human rights defenders of these persecuted people will provide the insight of the unfolding tyranny and suffering on the ground, how the international community could help to save their people and why it matters for regional and global security and peace.

The press conference will provide insights about the human rights violations happening in China and Pakistan with the intention to increase awareness among the international community.

To participate, please register below (online and face-to-face)

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    Dr Naseer Dashti

    Executive President of the Baloch Human Rights Council (BHRC)

    Dr Lakhumal Luhana

    General Secretary of the World Sindhi Congress (WSC)

    Mr. Sradhanand Sital

    GHRD - Global Human Rights Defence Chairman

    Mr. Marco Respinti

    Director-in-Charge of Bitter Winter Magazine

    Mr. Dolkun Isa

    Former student-leader of the pro-democracy demonstrations at Xinjiang University in 1988

    Mr. Naveed Walter

    Founder, and President of non-governmental organization Human Rights Focus Pakistan (HRFP)

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