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What can the UN do to address the political and human rights crisis in Tunisia?

What can the UN do to address the political and human rights crisis in Tunisia?

This conference is organized by the “Association des Victimes de Torture en Tunisie”.

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Rodney Dixon KC, Lawyer representing Tunisian detainees

Elyes Chaouachi, Son of Ghazi Chaouachi, former Miniseter and former Secretary Geneval of the Tayyar party

Kaouther Ferjani, Daughter of Said Ferjani, MP elexted in 2019

Dr Yusra Ghannouchi, Daughter of Rached Ghannouchi, President of the Parliament elected in 2018 and President of the Ennahdha party

Aziz Akremi, Son of the judge Bechir Akremi

Abdennacer Nait-Liman, Moderator, President of the AVTT

Following the July 25, 2021 coup in Tunisia, opposition leaders, judges, lawyers, civil society activists, union members, journalists and bloggers have been arbitrarily detained. The Saied regime’s actions have also fueled racist attacks against black Tunisians and migrants, undermining Tunisia’s historical role as the cradle of the Arab Spring and causing a significant erosion of its democratic gains.

The Tunisian State’s violation of its international obligations prompts the question of potential actions at the UN level. We invite you to participate in a discussion alongside family members of those detained and tortured, as well as expert commentators, to explore solutions for addressing the ongoing crisis and restoring democratic principles.

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