Le Club suisse de la presse – Geneva Press Club a pour mission d’accueillir et d’aider les journalistes de passage à Genève et de favoriser les échanges entre les milieux suisses et internationaux de l’économie, de la politique, de la culture et des sciences d’une part, et de la presse suisse et étrangère installée en suisse romande et en France voisine d’autre part.

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The word of indigenous peoples recognized as World Heritage of Humanity

The word of indigenous peoples recognized as World Heritage of Humanity

Docip’s Archives hold 33 years of distinguished indigenous peoples’ speeches at the United Nations – mostly in Geneva – comprising more than 22,000 documents, 90,000 pages in total. Most of these documents are unique, only held by Docip, and are currently housed in the archives of the City of Geneva.

UNESCO has decided to recognize this collection by including it in the Memory of the World Register, as the collection brings together unique testimonies of peoples whose customs and lifestyles are in danger and, in many cases, already in decline. Its value to humanity is priceless, both for the testimonies of history of the indigenous peoples and for the solutions that they propose for the future of mankind, especially in our relationship with nature and our environment.

Contact: David Matthey-Doret, Director, Docip +41 76 379 51 47 – david@docip.org

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Mr. René Longet

Chairman of the Docip Foundation Board

Mr. Juan Eduardo Aguilar

Guarani indigenous delegate (Brazil) who attended the first conference at the United Nations in 1977

Mr. Sami Kanaan

Administrative councillor of the City of Geneva, Department of Culture and Sport

Mr. Jean-Bernard Münch

President of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO

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