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The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: first international tribunal on terrorism

Le 11 June 2013

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon: first international tribunal on terrorism


Robert Roth
Presiding Judge, Trial Chamber – Juge, Président de la Chambre de première instance

Daryl Mundis
Acting Registrar – Greffier par interim

Marten Youssef
Spokesperson- porte parole

Regarded as a milestone that would contribute to ending impunity for political assassinations, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) is the first international criminal tribunal in history with a jurisdiction of terrorism and the only international tribunal dealing with the MENA region.

The STL was established pursuant to UN Security Council resolution 1757 (2007) to try persons responsible for the attack of 14 February 2005 resulting in the death of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and 22 other persons, as well as other possible connected cases.

The STL opened its doors in 2009, confirmed its first indictment in 2011 regarding the 14 February 2005 attack and issued arrest warrants for four individuals. On 1 February 2012, since the accused could not be apprehended, the STL Trial Chamber decided to try the four accused in absentia. The trial is expected to start in the last quarter of 2013.

The STL faces major challenges:

  • Providing fair trials while respecting human rights, including the rights of the accused and the rights of victims of terrorist acts;
  • Contributing to an internationally recognized definition of terrorism;
  • Working towards the establishment of a culture of accountability in Lebanon;
  • Building a legacy for future international courts dealing with the crime of terrorism.

Contact: stl-pressoffice@un.org

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