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For a democratic and peaceful transition of power in Gabon

For a democratic and peaceful transition of power in Gabon

The presidential election held last August 27 created an unprecedented crisis in Gabon. While all official observers from the European Union (EU), the African Union (AU) and the International Organization of La Francophonie (IOF) have, in their respective reports, questioned the credibility of the results announced by the Gabonese Constitutional Court, the outgoing President continues to remain in power by force. Since the proclamation of the results, a terrible repression has been fought on civil society in Gabon to terrorize the population: arbitrary arrests and detentions, ill-treatment and torture, violence and abuse have multiplied in order to muzzle any opposition.

Jean Ping, President-elect of Gabon, has always refused to use violence to gain power. With civil society and all the democratic movements that support him, peaceful resistance has been organized in different forms, starting with the strike in all sectors, including education and justice. The country is stuck, bankrupt, ungovernable. At the same time, several investigations have been opened at the International Criminal Court but also by French courts against the regime in place, for crimes against humanity. Today, the Coalition for the New Republic gathered around Jean Ping calls for international mediation to organize a peaceful transition of power, in accordance with the Gabonese vote. It also asks that the whole truth be told about the post-electoral violence and the repeated violations of human rights by the regime in place, with a view to bringing justice and achieving the reconciliation of Gabonese society.

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Mr. Jean Ping

President-elect of Gabon, former President of the African Union Commission

Mr. Alexandre Barro-Chambrier

Former Gabonese Minister, President of the Heritage & Modernity Party

Mme Luisa Ballin

Journalist and Geneva Press Club member

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