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“Libya and Europe: my vision”

“Libya and Europe: my vision”


Mr Basit Igtet
Former special Envoy to the National Transitional Council,
running for the post of Prime Minister in Libya

Basit Igtet is a Libyan businessman who lived as an exile in Switzerland during the Gaddafi years and is now running for the post of Prime Minister in Libya. According his statements, he aims to restore confidence within Libya and among the international community.
The descendent of a line of human rights supporters, Basit Igtet declares he wants to follows in both his grandfather and father’s footsteps with the vision of building a free, autonomous Libya.

His key policies include establishing an administration that can be trusted, holding a dialogue with the militias leading to disarmament, getting basic services working again and restoring oil production. He believes that a stable Libya will be an important neighbour for Europe both politically and as an energy producer.

He will set out his vision for Libya and answer questions from journalists.

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