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« Human Trafficking and Forced Labor: The Situation of Migrant Workers in Taiwan »

« Human Trafficking and Forced Labor: The Situation of Migrant Workers in Taiwan »


Dr. Sandy Yeh
Board Member, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy

Dr. Li-Chuan Liuhuang
Assistant Prof., Department of Labor Relations, National Chung-Cheng University

Ms. Allison Lee
Chief Secretary, Yilan Migrant Fishermen Union

Ms. Jasmine Bai
Director, Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation

Globalization makes it easier for cross-border migration than before, however it also makes migrant workers more vulnerable. Human trafficking and exploitation are the severe threats that migrant workers are facing today. For decades, due to the lack of labor force, Taiwan has become one of the major destinations for South-East Asian migrant workers. At present, There are 572,555 migrant workers in Taiwan who are seeking for higher incomes but often find themselves short of local social, economic and political resources. This situation limits their possibilities for equal working conditions; to make it even worse, it often exposes the migrant workers to unlawful activities.

The event will highlight several issues in social campaigns, policy, working condition, and trafficking of the migrant workers in Taiwan, as well as discuss what roles NGOs can play to improve the situation of migrant workers in Taiwan.

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