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Human Rights violation and targeting journalists in Yemen

Human Rights violation and targeting journalists in Yemen

The conflict in Yemen is the root cause of many human rights and humanitarian violations. Freedom of expression and freedom of assembly and religion are deeply affected; the ability to participate in normal political life has been silenced. Free political parties and non-governmental organizations are restricted or captured and placed in non-state prisons and suffer from grave human rights violations and torture. This has caused economic and security instability in the region with repercussions in other regions.

There will be a discussion of the report The Republic of Yemen and the Forgotten Crimes that will be subsequently released.

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Khaldoon Bakhail

Peace Activist from Yemen

Awad Alwan

Yemen International Team for Peace, Crimes on media and journalists

Baghdad Abdullah Al-Qadri

Yemen International Team for Peace

Astrid Stuckelberger

Professor of University of Lausanne; Health Scientist and international expert

Ronald F. Barnes

International Peoples Charter

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