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HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Leadership challenges and future foresight

HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Leadership challenges and future foresight


Dr. Christine Mirre
CAP Conscience et Liberté

Dr . Manel Masalmi
European Association for The Defense of Minorities

Mr. Andy Vermaut
President of World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community

Chancellor Nigel Goodrich
International Movement for Peace and Tolerance

Jose Paulo Martins Casaca
Founder and executive dorector of South Asia Democratic Forum, former member of the European Parliament

Kossi Atsou
President, United Villages
Maria Teresa Failli
Student at the University of Geneva
Natacha Pambou
Student at the University of Geneva

This symposium is organised by the Arab European forum for Dialogue and Human Rights as a side event in light of the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council.

The event will be held in English and French. Interpretation will be provided from french or english to arabic.

– The UAE’s efforts in the field of protection rights and freedoms
– The UAE’s sponsorship of the right to development and the spread of global peace and tolerance
– The UAE’s efforts to achieve climate justice and to host the 28th Climate Conference
– The UAE’s efforts in ensuring justice, correctional institutions and the Counseling Center
– The UAE’s efforts to implement the recommendations of the Universal Periodic Review
– The UAE is at the forefront of international indicators on human rights and climate protection

Please find here after, further information about the event:
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 This event is co-organized by a collegium of organizations: 
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