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Enabling Global Health Security through Health Systems Strengthening: Perspectives from Women Leaders

Enabling Global Health Security through Health Systems Strengthening: Perspectives from Women Leaders

Recent years have seen global health security emerge as a top priority for the international community. In addition to the human toll of outbreaks, disease – or the threat thereof – also has a significant impact on economic growth and other key development goals. Robust health systems are a critical factor to achieving the eleven Action Packages of the Global Health Security Agenda. But what does this look like in practice, and what are the characteristics of systems that facilitate greater security?

Given the intersection between global health security and women’s health, as well as women’s unique role in strengthening health systems, it’s critical to include women’s perspectives in the conversation. Accordingly, a panel of women leaders will examine the enablers of health security, including strengthening primary care, adequately training health workers, leveraging technology, supporting regulatory capacity, and good governance.

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Jennifer Esposito

General Manager, Global Health & Life Sciences, Intel Corporation

Katherine (Kate) Bond

Vice President, International Regulatory Affairs, USP

Dr. Rebecca Martin

Director, Center for Global Health, CDC

Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Cameron

Senior Director for Global Biological Policy & Programs, Nuclear Threat Initiative

Diah Saminarsih

Special Staff to Minister of Health, Republic of Indonesia

Marian Wentworth

CEO and President, Management Sciences for Health

Loyce Pace

Moderator, President & Executive Director, Global Health Council

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