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Covid-19: how to save jobs and reconfigure the labour market ?

Covid-19: how to save jobs and reconfigure the labour market ?

Never in our recent history have the economy and employment been under such severe pressure at the global level as well as at the Swiss and local levels. 

In Switzerland alone, a country with one of the best resilience capacities in the world according to the Covid Recovery Economic Index recently presented to the Club, nearly 500,000 people from more than 50,000 companies are technically unemployed. Elsewhere in the world, as the report presented on September 23 by the International Labor Organization showed, the impact of the health crisis is causing a radical impoverishment of entire sectors of society. 

As the second wave of Covid-19 threatens and employment support measures provoke fierce debate, what strategy should be put in place to preserve employment in the longer term and avoid the collapse of our economies? Can Geneva set an example? Is it necessary to reconfigure the labor market and rethink the very notion of work at a time of galloping digitization? 

With our distinguished guests, who have in-depth experience and knowledge of these questions in all their dimensions, we will take stock of the current state of the labor market and, above all, try to identify scenarios and best practices to emerge from the crisis.

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Mr. Moussa Oumarou

Deputy Director-General for External Programmes and Partnerships (ILO)

Mrs. Sophie Dubuis

President of Geneva Tourism & Congress and President of the Federation of Geneva merchants

Mr. Mauro Poggia

State Councillor in charge of the Department of Security, of Employment and Health (DES)

Mr. Aldo Ferrari

Vice-president of the Unia union

Mr. Olivier Sandoz

Deputy Managing Director of the Federation of Enterprises romandes (FER) Geneva

Mr. Pierre Ruetschi

Executive Director of the Geneva Press Club

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