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Business and Human Rights in Japan

Business and Human Rights in Japan

From July to August 2023, the members of the UN Working Group on business
and human rights, Ms. Pichamon Yeophantong and Mr. Damilola Olawuyi, conducted an
official visit to Japan and had a dialogue with various stakeholders concerning business
and human rights.

Their official report was submitted to the 56th UN Human Rights Council. The report
emphasizes “there is an urgent need to fully dismantle structures of inequality and
discrimination against at-risk groups”. Further, the report highlights the persistent sexual
abuse in the entertainment industry represented by the Johnny Kitagawa case. It also
revisits the critical issue surrounding the human rights of affected people and workers of
the Fukushima nuclear disaster, where significant human rights violations have not been
tackled despite the call of UN mandate holders.

This event invites Working Group members who will talk about the report and
recommendations. Further, the event invites a survivor of the Johnny Kitagawa case, an
evacuee from Fukushima and NGOs dedicated to addressing the problem. A Q&A
session will follow.

To take part, please register using the following link:


  • Members of the UN Working Group of Business and Human Rights
    Visit to Japan, Report and recommendations of the UN Working Group of Business and Human Rights
  • Mr. Akimasa Nihongi (1 is 2 Many Action Plans to Eradicate Child Sexual Abuse)
    Sexual abuse in the entertainment industry
  • Ms. Mitsuko Sonoda (Human Rights Now)
    The issue concerning the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
  • Teppei Kasai (Asia program officer, Human Rights Watch)
    Major Japanese companies and their ties to serious human rights abuses in China and Myanmar
  • Ms. Kazuko Ito (Vice President, Human Rights Now)
    Overall challenge to implement BHR agenda in Japan
  • Moderator:
  • Mr. Calvin Queant (Geneva Representative, Human Rights Now)
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