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An Ethiopian Dilemma: Political Transition, Human Rights and Constitutional Crisis

Le 18 June 2020
Online event

An Ethiopian Dilemma: Political Transition, Human Rights and Constitutional Crisis

In the last two years, Ethiopia has allegedly progressed on a path of political liberalization, democratization and peacemaking in the troubled region of the Horn of Africa. Western countries have praised its leadership for commitment to instituting electoral processes and reform legal sector and security sector.

However, at the same time, there are signs of serious human rights abuses, persecution of the political opposition and violations of the constitution. Human rights organizations have documented atrocities perpetrated by government security forces. The Nobel Prize winning Prime Minister is now accused of concentrating power in his hands, subverting the ongoing democratization and orchestrating a constitutional crisis designed to establish a personalist authoritarian regime.

To discuss how the situation will play out, the four experts will make presentations from political, constitutional, human rights and rule of law perspectives.

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Mrs. Haben Fecadu

Human Rights Lawyer at Amnesty International

Mr. Ezekiel Gebissa

Professor, Kettering University, USA

Mr. Henok Gabisa

Professor of Practice, Washington and Lee University, USA

Mrs. Tsedale Lemma

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Addis Standard

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