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A new wave of attacks on freedom of opinion And criminalizing dissent in india

A new wave of attacks on freedom of opinion And criminalizing dissent in india

The press conference is organized by New York based human rights advocacy group “Sikhs For Justice” (SFJ) (www.sikhsforjustice.org and www.referendum2020.org).

British female Sikh artist (rapper) Ms. Hard Kaur (Taran Kaur) has been receiving threats of rape and death from Indians through official as well as unofficial channels because Ms. Kaur through her social media posts criticized India and its policies towards rapists. MS. Kaur also supported peaceful and democratic campaign Referendum 2020 seeking to realize Sikh peoples’ right of self-determination as enshrined in UN Charter.

SFJ is a human rights group which believes in and promotes human rights including right of self-determination for all peoples. Referendum2020 is the campaign launched by SFJ to hold a global unofficial referendum among the world Sikh community on the issue of Sikhs right of self-determination and creation of independent state Khalistan in the Punjab region currently governed by India.

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Ms. Taran (Hard) Kaur

Female British Artist (rapper) - will share her experience of threats

Mr. Gurpatwant Singh Pannun

Attorney at law - representative of Ms. Kaur and Legal adviser to human rights group SFJ will update the media about complaint and proceedings before OHCHR regarding Ms. Kaur's complaint

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