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“A critical review of Egypt’s Human Rights Record”

Le 5 November, 2014

“A critical review of Egypt’s Human Rights Record”


Dr Amr Darrag
Member of the Executive Board of the FJP and Former Minister Of Planning and International Cooperation

Dr Maha Azzam
Egyptians for Democracy, UK

Rodney Dixon
QC Counsel for Muslim Brotherhood

Toby Cadman

The Freedom and Justice Party which organizes this press conference declares:

“On 5 November 2014, Egypt is to have its human rights record considered by the United Nations Human Rights Council. In the four years since Egypt’s last Universal Periodic Review, the state has undergone great changes. Firstly, a popular protest led revolution which toppled Mubarak’s dictatorship, resulting in the first democratically elected leader in Egypt’s history. Secondly, a violent military coup that led to unprecedented repression and human rights violations.

The UN UPR has a historic opportunity to hold the Egyptian military regime to account for the crimes committed since the coup. Egypt’s submission to the UN UPR is silent on its repressive and violent conduct. This conference will respond to the regime’s UN UPR submission and provide an update of the situation in Egypt, including an analysis of the human rights record from the perspective of the victims and their lawyers.”

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