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« What lies ahead for the South China Sea disputes after the Hague tribunal ruling ? »

« What lies ahead for the South China Sea disputes after the Hague tribunal ruling ? »

Part 1

In the modern era, China has been the world’s greatest beneficiary of rules designed to promote global security and economic openness. Nevertheless, China is using its growing reach to discard or change these rules as it sees fit, seeking a “might makes right” approach to the seas. Against this background, the conference will provide opportunities for in-depth discussion and analysis of the future of the South China Sea disputes after 3 years of the Hague tribunal ruling. It will feature international speakers addressing the roles and limits of international law to make a meaningful contribution to a rules-based global order in a battleground of norms in the South China Sea, seeking policy options to counter China’s assertive expansion strategy under the so-called “salami slicing” and “cabbage strategy” activities for incrementally gaining a greater degree of control over land features, waters, and air space in the South China Sea, and discovering international and regional cooperation mechanism in order to govern the sustainability of the South China Sea.

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Mr. Pierre Schifferli

Lawyer, Founder of Schifferli Law Firm, Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Felix Heiduk

German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Germany

Professor Erik Franckx

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Captain James Fanell

Government Fellow, Global Fellowship Initiative, Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Switzerland

Dr. Theresa Fallon

Founder and Director of the Centre for Russia Europe Asia Studies in Brussels

Mr. Bill Hayton

Associate Fellow, Asia-Pacific Program, Chatham House

Dr. Nicola Casarini

Senior Fellow at the Istituto Affari Internazionali, Italy, and Visiting Professor at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland

Professor Robert Kolb

Faculty of Law, University of Geneva, Switzerland

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