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War crimes in Ukraine? The Human Rights Council in question

War crimes in Ukraine? The Human Rights Council in question

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There are countless indications that Russian forces have committed war crimes in Ukraine. Various international, governmental and non-governmental organizations have begun investigations on the ground to collect evidence and establish the facts, while some are already accusing Russia of genocide. The press, for its part, has already reported numerous testimonies of victims and noted acts that in all points seem to violate the Geneva Conventions and constitute war crimes.

For its part, the Human Rights Council, at the request of Ukraine supported by a large majority, met in a special session on May 12 to discuss the violation of abuses committed in Ukraine and to establish a commission of inquiry. What evidence is needed to judge the aggressors? What is the appropriate court? What is the role of all parties and in particular the Human Rights Council?  What is the authority of this body? What are its means and objectives? The Human Rights Council, which succeeded the Commission of the same name, which was discredited for welcoming into its midst declared violators of human rights such as Libya, is today faced with an important challenge. Will it be possible, one day, to judge Vladimir Putin, if the charges against him are sufficient? What have we learned from the trials following the war in Bosnia?

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    Mr. Federico Villegas

    President of the UN Human Rights Council, Ambassador of Argentina

    Mrs Lucy McKernan

    United Nations Deputy Director Advocacy at Human Rights Watch

    Mr. Felix Kirchmeier

    Executive director at Geneva Human Rights Platform

    Mr. Kevin Whelan

    Amnesty International Representative to the United Nations in Geneva

    Pierre Ruetschi

    Directeur exécutif du Club suisse de la presse

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