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UPR pre-session: NGOs in Geneva Report on Human Rights in Spain

Le 10 décembre 2019

UPR pre-session: NGOs in Geneva Report on Human Rights in Spain

NGOs from every corner of Spain will be presenting their reports on the country’s human rights situation at a press conference in Geneva on 10 December. This year, the number of reports presented about the Spanish State is far higher than that of the last review, a fact that calls attention to current infringements on human rights. The press conference will be held within the framework of the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review pre-session, which evaluates the degree of member state compliance with fundamental human rights. Spain will have to pass this test in January. The UPR pre-session is a meeting that enables member states to hear the opinions of bodies and organizations within their countries regarding compliance with human rights.

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Jaume Bardolet

Coordinator of the Catalan National Assembly International Commission

Begoña Atxa

Lawyer, Member of the Red Ciudadana SARE and representative of Asociación Eskubideak, Elean-Libre Migienda and Observatorio Vasco de Derechos Humanos-Behatokia

Mireia Plana

Vice-Presidenta of Plataforma per la Llengua and representative of ELEN and Language Rights

Karlos Castilla Juárez

Researcher in the Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya and Spokesperson for the report presented to the UPR by Defender a quien Defiende

Marc Marsal i Ferret

Member of the Board of Collectiu Praga, Member of Drets, Professor of Administrative Law in Unversitat de Barcelona and lawyer.

Ana Miranda

Member of the Fundación Galiza Sempre and Spokesperson of BNG

Elisenda Rovira

Coordinator of the Observatori Mèdia.cat of the Grup de Periodistes Ramon Barnils

Elena Jiménez-Botías

Board Member of Omnium Cultural, Head of International Affairs

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