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UAE Human Rights Review at the UN: Calling for prisoners of conscienceto be released

UAE Human Rights Review at the UN: Calling for prisoners of conscienceto be released


Ahmed Alnuaimi
Charged in absentia in the UAE 94 trial to 15 years in prison, he is also the brother of detained activist Khaled al-Shaiba al-Nuaimi

Matthew Hedges
British academic who was detained for almost 7 months in solitary confinement in the UAE and falsely accused of spying for the British Government

Falah Sayed
Human Rights Officer at MENA Rights Group

Jenan Al Marzooqi
Human rights activist and daughter of Emirati prisoner of conscience Abdulsalam Mohammed Darwish Al-Marzooqi

Emma Farge
Reuters Geneva, Senior Correspondent 

On May 8th 2023, the UAE will undergo its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on Human Rights in the country at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. This is a critical moment for the international community to assess the extent of human rights violations in the UAE and to speak out for change.
As this review takes place, there are at least 70 political prisoners being held by the UAE in breach of international human rights standards. There have been many cases of torture and mistreatment. These prisoners of conscience continue to be held for simply expressing an opinion against the government; for striving to improve Emirati society for ordinary citizens; and campaigning for democratic reforms in the country. This includes very high profile detainees such as Ahmed Mansour, Nasser bin Gaith, and many of those detained during the notorious “UAE94” mass trial.
It is clear that since the last UPR in 2018, Human Rights violations in the UAE have not improved, and have only deteriorated with a major clampdown on freedom of expression and association.  
The event will take place with former detainees, family members of current detainees, and human rights experts for a panel discussion to focus on these violations and the steps that should be taken to free all those unlawfully detained.

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