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« The situation of minorities in Iraq after the advent of ISIS »

« The situation of minorities in Iraq after the advent of ISIS »


Mr . Jan Fermon
Lawyer, Secretary General of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers & Member of the Progress Lawyers Network

Mr. Kamel Zozo
President of the Association of Friends Bartalah

Mr. Hasso Hurmi
President of the Yazidi Foundation in the Netherlands

Ms. Waheeda Khaleel Jeto
17 yrs yazidi girl survivor of ISIS Hijacking

In the horrid events of summer 2014, Yazidis, Christians and other Iraqi minorities have been victim of genocide and ethnic cleansing. In October 2014, the ONU stated that more than 5000 Yazidis were murdered and that 5000 to 7000 were abducted, mostly children and women.

This Press Conference will set the declaration, and the method of bringing the criminals to court. An important aspect is also to rehabilitate the survived person and find a way to support them financially and morally. The last point is to find the way to get back the still many missing persons who were kidnapped by ISIS.

At the press conference, those who survived and escaped from the hands of this terrorist organization will talk about their terrible experience during their imprisonment and how they escaped. A Photo exhibition will show the suffering of the displaced people in Sinjar and Nineveh Plain.

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