Le Club suisse de la presse – Geneva Press Club a pour mission d’accueillir et d’aider les journalistes de passage à Genève et de favoriser les échanges entre les milieux suisses et internationaux de l’économie, de la politique, de la culture et des sciences d’une part, et de la presse suisse et étrangère installée en suisse romande et en France voisine d’autre part.

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The lecturer shares information supported by hard evidence on the following points:

1. Arrested in prison for 1744 days without being tried and sentenced. Here he talks about: Denying him the right to a fair trial; Denying him access to a lawyer to defend him, Deprived of access to the consular mission to his country to hire a lawyer to defend him.

2. The difficult conditions of detention extended to 1744 days. Here he talks about what he saw from the tragedies he or other prisoners have suffered related to the following, in the light of his evidence or other testimonies or his personal observations: Physical or psychological torture in investigating and extracting confessions, Malnutrition, Poor health care, Prevent contact with friends or family by any means, Sleep deprivation, Beating and verbal insults from prison guards and attacks by other prisoners without interference from the prison guard to protect the victim, Prison in a tight cell, Imprisonment with the most dangerous prisoners involved in cases of terrorism, murder and similarly serious crimes as well as foreign prisoners persecuted by prison authorities, Discussing the suffering and persecution of the elders of the Qatari royal family who were detained without fair trials because of their opinions, fair claims and objection to the policy of the Qatari regime.

3. Discussing the injustice of his case, injustice and imprisonment for claiming his rights from his Qatari partner who used the sponsorship system to digest his rights.

4. The authorities of the Qatari regime colluded with the sponsor against the spokesperson when he was sponsored as a foreign (French) businessman by not enabling him to take his rights through the local judiciary or compelling the sponsor to hand over those legitimate rights to the sponsored person.

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Mr. Jean-Pierre Marongiu

Book writer and Director of french companies

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