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THE ARAB LEAGUE « INTERPOL » A sinister device for arresting political opponents abroad

THE ARAB LEAGUE « INTERPOL » A sinister device for arresting political opponents abroad

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Political opponents that have fled their countries for fear of arrest and torture, now face another threat.

The Arab Interior Ministers Council has been using an increased number of cross-border arrest warrants to track down and render them without due process. Dubbed as the « Arab Interpol », it has been deployed by national authorities like the UAE and Egypt to try to arrest those abroad who oppose them. Exiled members of the UAE 94 are especially at risk.

With the UN Human Rights Council currently in session, please join those directly affected by these measures and experts in Geneva to discuss this alarming new development and the steps that can be taken by the UN and States to prevent the abuse of human rights standards.

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Sherif Osman

US-Egyptian citizen detained for 46 days in Dubai following warrant issued through AIMC

Haydee Dijkstal

UK Barrister at 33 Bedford Row, and a US attorney. Legal representative of Khalaf Al-Romaithi.

Falah Sayed

Human Rights Officer at MENA Rights Group

Hamad al-Shamsi

Executive Director of the Emirates Detainee Advocacy Center. Member of "UAE 94"

Anisa Kassamali

Barrister, formerly with the UN Women’s Country Office for Jordan and Syria

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