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The ambiguous procedures at WHO

The ambiguous procedures at WHO

The purpose of this press conference is to bring full transparency to the professional legal matters by the group of independent legal experts – with the support of expertise from other disciplines. At this press conference this group will address the ambiguous procedures of WHO – subject to WHO constitution, IHR, The UN Charter and Human Right relations – and the WHO plans that conflict with basic disciplines of national and individual sovereignty.

The intention is to call to action decision makers at national and global levels, legal experts involved in the creation of the undemocratic global governance architecture, and lawyers who can act. The situation demands a high standard of professionalism, integrity, and objectivity for this work from the Alliance and any joining our efforts from all over the globe.

The social contracts have recently been broken in an exceptionally accelerated manner. The challenge is to expose the legal malpractices and failures of the legal conditions of the past two years and highlight instances neglecting legal requirements, constitutional obligations, or human rights. The legal framework designed to protect justice and democracy is being eroded at rapid speed. Deemed solutions are being deployed with rapid speed not giving space for debate or independent analysis. No rationale can be accepted that goes against, neglects or overrides basic Human Right or Democratic procedures.

The group has identified ways to restore democratic procedures in line with valid social agreements. Keeping to the rule of law shall elevate democracy to a level never seen before that honors and guards the sovereignty of individuals and nations. The key pillars of democracy need to be maintained by safeguarding accountability, transparency, and control mechanisms as defined by law and the legal system. The objective of the Association is to safeguard and uphold existing social contracts at global, national levels.


Philipp Kruse – Attorney – Kruse Law, Switzerland

Catherine Austin Fitts – President of Solari, Inc

Mary Holland – President of Children’s Health Defense, USA

Leslie Manookian – President/Founder, Attorney, Health Freedom Defense Fund, USA

Helmut P. Krause – Attorney, Germany

Dr. Georg Prchlick – Attorney, Austria

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed – Afro-Asian Sovereignty Coalition, Africa

Dipali Ojha – Attorney, India

Diane Protat – Attorney, France

John Titus – Attorney, USA

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