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Taiwan: Its new government and the participation to the 69th World Health Assembly

Taiwan: Its new government and the participation to the 69th World Health Assembly


Mr. Freddy Lim
Activist, politician and leader of the Metal Band Chthonic

The authoritarian regime of Chiang Kai-shek, which went into exile in Taiwan from China, was expelled from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1971. After democratization of Taiwan, the new-born democracy began its attempts to seek membership in the WHO and participation in the WHA since 1997.Starting 2009, Taiwan successfully took part in the WHA as an observer.

Freddy Lim, the lead vocalist of the Taiwanese metallers CHTHONIC which has performed several times at Wacken and Download metal festivals, was elected as a member of the Taiwanese parliament on 16 January this year, making him the first metal star to become a parliamentarian. The news received wide attention from global media outlets including the CNN, the BBC, the Guardian, Reuters, the DPA, and ARTE. The new political party that he co-founded, the New Power Party (NPP), won five seats and became the third largest party in Taiwan’s national legislature.

Freddy Lim will express the voices of Taiwan’s mainstream public opinion and new-generation politicians to the world, while also sharing what the election of a metal singer to the parliament represents, the reforms that he pushes since his election, and the future political direction of Taiwan.

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