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Press conference: A better security and education for West Africa

Press conference: A better security and education for West Africa


HE Mr Goodluck Jonathan
Former president of Nigeria (2010-2015)

The former president of Nigeria (2010-2015), Mr Goodluck Jonathan will address a speech and answer the questions of the UN and Swiss press on what he considers the two crucial topics for Nigeria and West Africa. The first one is the security and civil peace issue after the deadly attacks of Boko Aram. His second priority is the education and the improvement of the health of the children.

Former governor of Bayelsa State, Goodluck Jonathan has been nominated president ad interim in 2009 during the illness of president Umar Yar’Adua. The he has been elected president with 57% of the votes during the democratic elections which have taken place in April 2011. Candidate for a second term in March 2015, he has been beaten by the actual president, General Muhammadu Buhar. He peacefully retired, giving place to what is considered as the first peaceful democratic alternance in nigerian history.

The members of accreditated UN and Swiss press corps are kindly requested to join the gala dinner given at Intercontinental Hotel. A cocktail will be offered at 7pm and a dinner will start at 8pm. Please register to guy.mettan@csp.ge.ch.

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