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“Persecution of South Asian Minorities”

“Persecution of South Asian Minorities”

Peace for Asia Switzerland invites you to an event with :

  • Michael Lepper, Attorney at Law, Mentor and Advisor to Peace for Asia Switzerland, Eversheds Sutherland,
  • Francesca Marino, Italian freelance journalist specialising on South Asia
  • Marc Finaud, Former Chargé d’Affaires and Consul General
  • Ronan Lee, Senior Advisor and Associate Fellow, Expert on Rohingaya, Irish-Australian Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow at Loughborough University London
  • Hau-Yu Tam, Migrant Hub Coordinator, Councillor British Labour Party speaks on tive in Asian Refugees in UK
  • Paul Descheemaeker, Member Peace for Asia Switzerland

Peace for Asia Switzerland is organizing a symposium on South Asian minority rights. South Asian minorities are subject to harsh abuse and victimization by their respective Governments, sectarian lords, religious heads and extra judicial structure. Communities face ostrasication, enforced economic hardship, ethnic cleansing and forced out from their homelands. Kangaroo courts, and local administrations used their heavy hand against Ahamadiyas and Chistians in Pakistan, Tamils in Sri Lanka, Rohingayas in Myanmar. Millions had to flee their homes as refugees seeking asylum in neighboring Asian and/or EU nations. Experts from various global institutions will present their view in this subject.

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