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Lethal Force in Yemen

Le 28 septembre, 2021

Lethal Force in Yemen

“Lethal Force” is the title of a documentary film prepared by the Southern Independent Group. “Lethal Force” talks about the unlawful violence against civilians in Yemen by the government. The film follows many cases in which state apparatus use excessive violence including  suppression of peaceful protests such as the continuing violations against the right to peaceful assembly in Shabwa.

The film also highlights the phenomenon of the assassinations of members of the Shabwani Elite Forces. Eye witness testimony in addition to the testimony of the victims and their families clearly point the finger at government forces being behind these practises, worryingly, supported by extremist and terrorist groups and operatives based in government controlled areas.

The film will be projected and a discussion will follow the projection


Nasr Obaid
Human Rights Activist
Southern Independent Group

Saleh Alnoud
Masters in International Law Practicing Lawyer in the United Kingdom
specializing in Criminal « Immigration and Human Rights Law »

The Southern Independent Group
The Southern Independent Group is an informal, independent group formed by and consists of human rights defenders from South Yemen, of whom are based primarily in South Yemen, the Middle East and Europe. The Group is not affiliated to any of the warring parties in Yemen and it simply seeks to highlight and promote awareness of the Human Rights issues in South Yemen, primarily the right of the South Yemen people for self-determination. The Group works with governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations and similar aim organizations to achieve its objectives; in particular, the Group utilizes the periodic United Nations Human Rights Council Sessions in Geneva as a platform to do so.
More information: Aden | Southern Independent Group (sig4aden.org)

Register here for face-to-face participation (Covid certificate mendatory) or online participation

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