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Khalistan Referendum Voting & Rally In Geneva

Khalistan Referendum Voting & Rally In Geneva
Le 8 décembre, 2021

Khalistan Referendum Voting & Rally In Geneva


Gurpatwant Singh Pannun
General Counsel to SFJ

Paramjeet Singh (Pamma)
UK-EU Coordinator of Khalistan Referendum

Dupinderjit Singh
UK-EU Coordinator of SFJ

Dr. Bakhshish Singh Sandhu
President Council of Khalistan

The press conference is organized by the Sikhs for Justice and will address the following points:Background, update and progress on the ongoing voting in unofficial Khalistan Referendum which started on 31 October from London in which more than 30,000 Sikhs voted on the question “Should Indian Governed Punjab Be An Independent Country”.Launch on Voting Center in Geneva for Unofficial Khalistan ReferendumKhalistan Referendum RallyUpdate to Media on SFJ’s recent submission to UN Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression regarding:India’s violent repression of Sikh peoples’ political opinion (Khalistan) and its peaceful and democratic expression through unofficial Khalistan Referendum;Reprisal, through cancellation of visas and threats, against Sikhs living in UK, USA, Canada and EU for supporting and participating in Khalistan Referendum;Concerted and coordinate disinformation campaign through baseless and concocted fake news maligning Khalistan Referendum

Sikhs For Justice
Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) is an international human rights advocacy group spearheading the campaign for Sikhs’ right to self-determination which is one of the fundamental rights of all peoples guaranteed in the UN Charter; International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). SFJ is organizing non-governmental Khalistan Referendum on the question of right to self-determination and secession of Punjab from India.

The Voting in SFJ’s unofficial Khalistan Referendum is being held under the guidance and supervision of Punjab Referendum Commission (PRC) www.punjabreferendumcommission.org an independent panel of direct democracy experts to ensure the transparacy of voting and compliance with the internationally recognized best practices.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun
Attorney at Law (NY) General Counsel to SFJ

Paramajeet Singh Pamma
UK-EU Coordinator Khalistan Referendum

Dupinderjit Singh
SFJ – UK-EU Coordinator
+447496 672816

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