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INDIAN FARM LAWS BREACHES TRUST. How to break the deadlock?

Le 21 avril, 2021

INDIAN FARM LAWS BREACHES TRUST. How to break the deadlock?

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For the farmers, the Farm laws breaches trust on several grounds. The Constitutional arrangement at independence was that Agriculture will remain a State subject. Any amendment in the Constitution requires a two-third majority with debate. Instead, the Government adopted a distortion of central powers on trade and introduced the Farm Laws without debate in Parliament and consultation with the community. This subject was not in the manifesto. This undermines the powers of the provincial states and undermines trust in the Government.

Secondly the farmers argue that the Government was at the forefront of lobbying for the UN Declaration on rights of Peasants and they were proud of it. Unfortunately, this new Farmers laws has breached the commitment the Governement gave at the UN and the promises made to the farmers.

The farmers suggest that the Government regains the trust and faith of the people and go back to a more Constitutional process and its commitment to international community by repealing these laws. This is one of the conditions the farmer wish to sit with Government and speak about setting up a commission on reforming the agriculture sector. As they agree that the agriculture sector needs reforms, they wish the laws address issues that protect the environment and provide reasonable earnings to farmers to have a dignified life. They believe that small farming as a way of life must survive.

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Dr Darshanpal

Farmer leader

B. S. Rajewal

Farmer leader

Harmeet Singh Kadiyan

Farmer leader

Kavita Kuruganti

Social activist

Dr Jasdev Singh Rai

Sikh Human Rights Group (SHRG)

Joginder Singh Toor


Harmeet Singh Gill

From Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall

Nicolas Walder

MP from Switzerland

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