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Implications of forced invasions of Palestinian homes in the West Bank by Israeli military forces

Le 25 février, 2021
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Implications of forced invasions of Palestinian homes in the West Bank by Israeli military forces

Invasions by the Israeli military into Palestinian homes in the West Bank are part of the daily routine of occupation, rendering Palestinians living in the West Bank constantly vulnerable to having their homes invaded by Israeli security forces and subject to severe violations of their rights. 

Almost every night, armed Israeli soldiers raid homes, wake women, men and children and cause lasting trauma to Palestinian families in the West Bank. According to UN OCHA figures, these invasions occur, on average, 267 times each month. Beyond the severe harm suffered by individuals and families as a result of the intrusion into their homes, this practice, which serves as a means to oppress and intimidate the Palestinian population and increase control over it, have a very serious impact on the mental health on individual, families and communities.

Three leading Israeli human rights organizations, Yesh Din, Physicians for Human Rights Israel (PHRI) and Breaking the Silence, have released a ground-breaking report following two years of research examining the scope, practice and extensive mental health impact of these invasions, based on 158 testimonies collected from Palestinian men and women who experienced such invasions and 80 interviews conducted with Israeli soldiers and officers, who substantiated and supplemented knowledge of how these invasions unfold, their goals and on the directives given to the soldiers who carry them out.

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Dana Moss

International Advocacy Coordinator for Physicians for Human Rights Israel

Ziv Stahl

Director of Research for Yesh Din

Ori Givati

Advocacy Director for Breaking the Silence

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