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Human rights violations in Yemen, and the war on terror in liberated areas

Human rights violations in Yemen, and the war on terror in liberated areas

According to the speakers, « the press conference will review the human rights violations carried out by the Iranian-backed Houthi militia in areas under its control. Security Council resolution 2201 (2015) affirmed Iran’s involvement in the war in Yemen. The press conference will also discuss Iran’s technical, Logistics Support, technical support for the Houthi militia, including short- and medium-range rockets fired by the militia on neighboring countries, according to the reports of the experts committee operating under UN Security Council Resolution 2140.

The violations have deteriorated the humanitarian and economic situation of the population to such an extent that the countries and humanitarian organizations Warns of a humanitarian disaster devouring the Yemenis, has emerged clear signs of the spread of diseases Cholera and Diphtheria, others, which spread frighteningly in 2017.

Also, In the liberated areas of al-Houthi militias, the legitimate authority, backed by the Arab coalition forces, is fighting the growing phenomenon of terrorism by extremist armed groups that also receive Iranian support. »

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Political activist, president of the Paris Forum for Peace and Development


Yemeni journalist, academic and political activist

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