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Evidence of Gas Employed in WW1 Trenches now used by Bahrain’s Regime to Asphyxiate Democracy

Evidence of Gas Employed in WW1 Trenches now used by Bahrain’s Regime to Asphyxiate Democracy


Tara O’Grady
General Secretary, Bahrain Rehabilitation and Anti-Violence Network Ireland (BRAVO)

Professor Tom Collins Former
President of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RSCI) – Medical University of Bahrain

Professor Damian McCormack
Pediatric surgeon and head of the advisory council, Bahrain Rehabilitation and Anti-Violence Organization (BRAVO)

Dr. Nada Dhaif
Chairman and Co-Founder, BRAVO

The Bahrain Rehabilitation and Anti Violence Organisation (BRAVO), in conjunction with the Institut International pour la Paix, la Justice et les Droits de l’Homme, is facilitating this conference which aims to support an initiative to call for an investigation into the Government sponsored ‘normalising’ of CS Gas as a form of collective and arbitrary police intervention, in light of the Trinity College Analysis of samples taken from Bahrain in 2012.

Teargas has been used in Bahrain and other countries as a form of crowd control to disperse political gatherings. However, a number of reports suggest that teargas is being increasingly used in enclosed spaces and on unarmed persons, particularly in Bahrain. In such circumstances, the use of teargas- that constitutes a human rights violation- has the potential to seriously harm, injure and kill those affected. Further, reports also point to the use of tear gas by the Bahraini security forces on innocent citizens, including children.



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