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Energy Crisis: Should we rely on nuclear power again?

Energy Crisis: Should we rely on nuclear power again?

This debate is hybrid, please register below to participte:


Mr Peter Wooders
Former Energy Director of the International Institute
for Sustainable Development (IISD)

Mr Adrien Genecand
Member of the Liberal Radical Party (PLR)

Mr Julien Nicolet-dit-Félix
Vice-President of the Green Party Geneva GE 

Mr Christian Brunier
Director General of the Industrial Services of Geneva (SIG)

Moderator : 
Pierre Ruetschi
Executive Director, Geneva Press Club

In the face of the energy crisis and global warming, nuclear energy has found a new lease of life. Germany, which was planning to phase out nuclear power, has decided to extend the life of its last three nuclear power plants. In Switzerland, the pressure is stronger than ever to keep the existing plants running, while in France, where 70% of the energy produced is nuclear, the government is being reinforced in its pro-atomic options. So, is nuclear power once again the energy of the future, a ‘green’ and decarbonised energy capable of ensuring a smooth transition to large-scale solar power? Or on the contrary, the risks of this form of energy, reminded by Chernobyl and Fukushima, make it necessary to give it up now and definitively, all the more urgently as Ukraine demonstrates the risks of a power plant such as Zaporijia, which has become a target of war? These are some of the questions that will be discussed during our debate.

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