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« Egypt Struggle for Human Rights and Against Terrorism »

Le 4 novembre, 2014

« Egypt Struggle for Human Rights and Against Terrorism »


Mona Zulfiqar
Women Rights Activist and Member of the Egyptian National Council for Human Right

Hafez Abu Saed
Director of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights

Ihab Yusif
Security Expert and Director of Police and People Association

Tomador Gohar
President of Citizens for Peace Building

Mostafa Abbas
Freedom of Expression activist and Director of Oyoun Masr Association

Dalia Ziada
Civil Rights Activist and Director of Ibn Khaldun Center for Democratic Studies

This conference is organized by Citizens for Peace Building, which declares:

“The world is facing a new challenge with international terrorism which is taking over parts of countries with heavy artilleries, huge fundings and trained military groups, while at the same time extrating the resources of these countries to fuel their fight by recruiting more terrorists and procuring more arms.

Despite the existing United Nations Conventions on counter-terrorism, despite the existence of the Counter-Terrorism Committee (CTC), Committee on Anti-Corruption, despite of many Security Council Resolutions, General Assembly and Human Rights Council Decisions, the world falls short from containing this octopus that risks to reach other countries in the Middle East, Europe and the other continents.

Between safeguarding civil and human rights of citizens and safeguarding their lives under the increasing threat of islamists terrorism, Egypt is trying to find the right path to liberal democracy.”

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