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Le 21 mars, 2022


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Three brave women, who survived grievous harm by the Houthis in Yemen, have decided to speak out on film against their persecutors.

Detained Under Houthis amplifies their voices, as they recount their experience in Houthi detention. These women delivered their testimonials publicly, as evidence of Houthi crimes. They want to affirm the role of Yemeni women in conflict resolution and peace building. They are calling for justice, accountability, and an end to the violence in Yemen.

The Alliance of Women for Peace in Yemen

The Alliance of Women for Peace in Yemen is a women’s organization working in peacemaking and combating violence, extremism, and terrorism. It aims to spread national, cultural, and social awareness in order to activate women’s role in the peace process, beside activating their role in civil society, government and security policies for a real participation in the process of peacemaking in society.

Assisting women victims of violence, armed conflicts or natural disasters, including the injured, displaced, refugees and the afflicted, contributing to the urgent response to their urgent cases and providing relief to them, as well as working to mitigate the effects of the conflict, especially on children, women, the elderly and the disabled.

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Noora Al-Jarwi

Former undersecretary of the Houthi Ministry of Youth and Sports



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