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Democratic transformation and addressing social divide in Egypt

Democratic transformation and addressing social divide in Egypt

After 4 years of the coup against democracy, Egypt is going through a very difficult period politically, economically and socially, since the coup of the third of July 2013 until now. The violations of human rights, crimes against humanity, violation of the constitution and the law, international conventions and treaties committed by the Egyptian state, and the fight against the work of civil society organizations and the abuse of activists in this field are exacerbated by the coup authorities. The process of democratization that followed the revolution of the Egyptian people on 25th of January 2011.

Therefore, the participants see the importance of restoring societal consensus and working to restore the path of democratization in a way that includes all components of Egyptian society, establishing the principle of the rule of law and protecting human rights, achieving transitional and community justice and restoring the vitality of civil society organizations. To preserve civil peace and social security, to achieve economic prosperity and to fight destructive and extremist ideas.

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Mr Hatem Azzam

Former member of Egyptian Parliament

Mr. Ahmed Elbaqry

Former VP of Egyptian Students Union

Dr. Mohamed Mahsoob

Former Egyptian Minister of Legal Affairs

Mr Osama Roshdy

Former member of Egyptian Human Rights Council

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