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Declaration of the International Alliance against Aggression

Declaration of the International Alliance against Aggression


Dr. Joseph Chelingi 
HR Activist Head of African Solidarity Mechanism

Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour 
Vice-President of the World Federation of Trade Unions

Dr. Loai Deeb 
President of the Global Network for Rights and Development

Mohamed Hassan Albesheer 
President of the Maarij Foundation for Peace and Development (MFPD)

Ibrahim A. Eltayeb 
President of the National Group for Human Rights

Sana Araby (Mapim) 
Moderator Friday

A war of aggression is a military conflict waged without the justification of self-defense, usually for territorial gain and subjugation. Wars without international legality (e.g. not out of self-defense nor sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council) can be considered wars of aggression.

In November 2012 an international Conference of coalition against aggression was held in Khartoum, organized by Maarij Foundation for peace and development (MFPD) within the National Group for Human Rights-Sudan , the mechanism of African solidarity, in order to stand against repeated attacks towards vulnerable people.

The conference concluded with a number of recommendations such as: Declaration of the international alliance against the aggression in Geneva Parallel with the 22nd HRC Session, with open participation from all activists and organizations and human rights institutions.

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