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Deaf survivors of sexual abuse come to testify in Geneva against the Holy See

Le 19 février 2020

Deaf survivors of sexual abuse come to testify in Geneva against the Holy See

Hearing impaired children were subject of violence for more than 10 years by priests, nuns and administrative staff

From February 14th to the 22nd a group of deaf survivors of clergy abuse from the Próvolo Institute of Argentina will travel to the city of Geneva (Switzerland) and Rome (Italy), where they will hold meetings with various organizations from the United Nations. Xumek (an Association for the promotion and protection of Human Rights in Argentina) prosecuting lawyers Sergio Salinas and Lucas Lecour will accompany them. This activity has arisen thanks to the invitation of Ending Clergy Abuse: Global Justice Project – ECA, an international network of survivor leaders and human rights activists that fight to end clergy abuse around the world. 

In Geneva, survivors and their human rights attorneys will present evidence and testimony that the Holy See, including Pope Francis, could have acted to prevent the widespread sexual and physical violence perpetrated on deaf children by priests, nuns and administrative staff.

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Sergio Salinas

Xumek prosecuting lawyer

Lucas Lecour

Xumek prosecuting lawyer

Peter Isely

ECA Spokesperson

Jean-Marie Fürbringer

Vice-Président of Le Groupe SAPEC

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