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The challenges of leading and foreseeing to the human rights situation in the UAE

At an international symposium at the Swiss Press Club – International Rights Alliance to Discuss from Geneva

Geneva, May 4th 2023

An international alliance of Arab and European human rights organizations representing « 53 international organizations for the promotion of human rights in the world » had organized an international symposium at the Swiss Press Club. It was a part of a review of the UAE’s leading experience in the field of human rights. It was organized within a month before the UAE’s submission of its national report on the situation of human rights according to the United Nations universal periodic review mechanism the United Nations. A number of international experts and academics in various fields of human rights participated in the symposium’s work. It was also attended by many specialists and interested in the human rights situation in the Middle East and North Africa in addition to media professionals, academics and representatives of non-governmental organizations, as well as a group of postgraduate students at universities and scientific and educational institutes in Geneva. They were invited to attend and interact with the symposium in order to enhance international openness to the UAE’s experience and leadership in the field of human rights.

The symposium was opened by a representative of the Swiss Press Club, who welcomed attendees and participants in the symposium’s work on international human rights, emphasizing its importance in the light of the contributions it will make to enhancing commitment to the international human rights system. The symposium was then initiated by Dr. Christine Meri, Executive Director of the Alliance for the Freedom of conscience recognized the importance of the symposium in the light of the important international experience of the United Arab Emirates in enhancing the place and achieving leadership in many aspects of human rights, and to interact with States’ major challenges in strengthening their leadership and developing their national mechanisms and maximizing their international human rights efforts.

Dr. José Paulo Martins Casaka, former Member of the European Parliament, Founder and Executive Director of the South Asian Democratic Forum, spoke at the beginning of the symposium praising the UAE’s experience and leadership in achieving climate justice and protecting the environment and climate. He also addressed the UAE’s climate protection strategy and initiatives to protect the environment and achieve zero neutrality as a global pioneer. He stressed the importance of the UAE hosting the COP 28 Climate Summit, as well as the UAE’s efforts and leadership in promoting climate justice despite the significant challenges that climate change issues present to the UAE and many major and developed countries at the same time.

Dr. Manal Masalami, President of the European Society for the Defence of Freedoms, then spoke on the scale of the UAE’s significant efforts to promote fulfillment and respect for the country’s package of rights and freedoms. At the forefront of which are qualitative efforts and initiatives to ensure the full and equitable enjoyment of civil and political rights, The UAE guarantees economic, social, cultural and environmental rights to all in a fair and non-discriminatory manner. In addition to UAE’s continuous pursuit for guaranteeing the quality rights including the right to education, health and social welfare, and the rights of children and older persons, Women’s rights and environmental rights that the UAE is keen to strengthen its leadership in. In addition to addressing all the challenges facing the UAE in order to enhance its respect for and commitment to high humanitarian values and principles.

Dr. Masalami also addressed the UAE’s interest in strengthening national human rights mechanisms and strategies, which ensure harmonization between the collective and individual rights of the State, as well as the UAE’s concern to promote freedom of opinion and expression, combat human trafficking and combat violence, extremism and terrorism.

Counselor Kosi Otto, President of United Villages, International Adviser on International Human Rights Mechanisms and Expert on Human Rights and Development Issues in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, also spoke at the symposium. He clarified the UAE’s major role in promoting efforts on the right to development at the global level. It affirms the UAE’s leadership in the area of the right to development and its support for international efforts to strengthen international commitment to human rights. He stressed the importance of drawing on the UAE’s experience in achieving sustainable development and meeting the United Nations agenda for sustainable development. He Explained the magnitude of the UAE’s significant efforts to promote development in the world and its international and humanitarian support to States and societies and its contribution to enhancing the utilization of the right to development at the global level.

Counselor Andy Vermaut, President of the World Council for Public Diplomacy and Community Dialogue, also spoke at the symposium, commending the development of the United Arab Emirates’ justice system and the challenges it faces in its international efforts to combat violence, extremism and global terrorism. He explained the UAE’s methodology in the management of correctional institutions and centers for counseling and rehabilitation, which aims at ensuring the security and safety of the community and protecting it from all violent and extremist trends and trends Stressing the importance of building on the UAE’s experience and leadership in the field of justice and peace, stressing the openness of the UAE’s experience to international organizations and law enforcement agencies. He called for the need to study and analyze the UAE’s experience in the field of achieving justice , reform and combating terrorism and extremism and to take advantage of the successes and gains achieved by the UAE in this field, particularly in the area of strengthening community protection and rehabilitation.

In addition, consultant Nigel Goodrich, chief executive of the International Movement for Peace and Tolerance, spoke on the UAE’s efforts in the field of the right to human development and the dissemination of the values of peace, tolerance, human coexistence and improving the conditions and quality of life of human societies. He stressed in particular the UAE’s firm commitment to supporting peace and tolerance efforts in the world. In addition to ensuring the right to education and the UAE Education and Science Strategy, which is one of the best global strategies to guarantee the right to education. Which can help UAE achieve a lot of benefits and leadership in the world. It can also enhance the community’s commitment to high human values and principles.

The symposium also involved two researchers specializing in international relations and human rights. A researcher from the Department of Postgraduate Studies of the University of Geneva gave a review of the UAE’s efforts in the field of care and respect for human rights. In addition to careful monitoring of all the achievements made by the UAE in the development of legislation, mechanisms and policies on human rights. She also highlighted all initiatives to strengthen national mechanisms and achieve institutional and community partnerships that have made a significant contribution to the UAE’s human rights leadership. The researcher of the Department of Human Rights made a number of recommendations that contribute to the realization and strengthening of the UAE’s human rights leadership.  In addition to contributing to the promotion of prospects for the future as it contributes to the promotion of the human rights situation in the UAE and enhances its international standing, particularly during the fourth round of its interaction with the mechanisms of the universal periodic review to be held on the 8th of May.

During the symposium, a presentation was made of the stakeholders’ report submitted by the Alliance of International Rights Organizations to the United Nations in accordance with the UAE universal periodic review mechanism. The report reviewed the main aspects of the report, publicized its importance and contributions to the promotion of the human rights situation. In addition to a video showing the progress and development of the UAE national legislative and institutional system.



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