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Balochistan Land of Enforced Disappearance

Balochistan Land of Enforced Disappearance

This event is organized by the Baloch Voice Association and co supported by the Baloch Peoples Congress and the Centre for Gender Justice and Women Empowerment.

A large number of political activists, intellectuals and students have gone missing in the Balochistan province of Pakistan in the past few decades. The families allege Pakistan’s spy agencies behind enforced disappearances, tortures and killings of these missing persons.  here are even reports of protesting family members being harassed by the spy agencies and security forces. Imran Khan the Prime of minister of Pakistan had claimed many times that his government will end the practice of enforced disappearances, even minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari  had meet the family members of the victims and claimed that her government is going to present a bill to punish whom involved in the practice of enforced disappearances.
But as per reports from family members, media reports, human rights organizations reports, and as per the claim of the civil society organizations the practice of enforced disappearance has increased during the Imran Khan period despite claims for ending or reducing it.

Munir Mengal
France Based Munir Mengal is the President of Baloch Voice Association. He himself is a victim of enforced disappearance. He was disappeared by force by The Pakistani Army On 4th April 2006, was held incommunicado, for approximately TWO years. He is a Baloch Human Rights defender and has raised issues of Baloch Human at Various international Forums, United Nations, European Parliament, Japan Senate, Dhaka University Bangladesh, Bangkok,He also has been taking Baloch issues with Amnesty International and International Red Cross.
Prof. Madam Naela Quadri
Canada Based Prof. Naela Quadri is a senior Baloch Politician and is the Chairman of Baloch Peoples Congress (BPC). BPC is a Baloch political organization. Madam Naela has been involved and has played very important roles in Baloch politics from her childhood. She has boldy faced the tyranny of the Pakistani state forces in Balochistan. She and her family members has been imprisoned extrajudicially because of her bold and loud voice against state aggressions. She is famously known as the « Iron lady of Balochistan ».
Francesca Marino
She is an Italien Freelancer Journalist. She has a Vast research and knowledge about the South Asia Geo-Politics. She has a depth knowledge of Baloch Islamabad Politics, and keeps a deep aye on the abuse of Human rights in Balochistan. She has Written many Articles about the political issue of Balochistan in many Journals.She has written a “BookApocalypse Pakistan – Anatomy of the most dangerous country in the world”. She has also written another book “BALOCHISTAN BRUISED,BATTERED and BLOODIED.”
Dr. Hakeem Lehri
Quetta based Dr. Lehri is a senior Baloch Politician. He is the President of the Baloch Peoples Congress. He has been involved in the Baloch politics from his child hood. He has played very important roles in the Baloch politics. Despite of residing inside Balochistan, He has beeen very vocal and raises a strong voice against the Pakistani state forces atrocities. He profoundly states the anexation of Balochistan was done under the barrel of gun and not acceptable to the people of Balochistan. He even at his eldery age is at the front line in the struggle against enforced disappearance in Balochistan.
Sardar Shaukat Ali Kashmiri
Swiss based Sardar Shaukat Kashmiri is a senior kashmiri Politician. He is the chairman of United Kashmir Peoples National Party (UKPNP). He has been in the politics from his school age. He has played very important role in the the Kashmir politics. He has been struggling for the rights of the peoples of the Kashmir under the Pakistani establishment. Because of his voice of conciousness he has been imprisoned extra-judicially many times and also was disappeared by force by the Pakistani army and was held incommunicado. He and his party has been contineously raising the issues of abuse of rights of the Pakistani Occupied Kashmir at various International and national plateforms. I.e. United Nations, European Parliament, and even at Kashmir, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.
Mama Qadeer Baloch
Quetta based Qadeeer Baloch is famosly known as Mama Qadeer Baloch. Mama in Brohi is known as uncle. The family members of victims of enforced disappearance see him as their uncle to fight enforced disappearances.He is a Baloch vetern to fights against enforced disappearances. He is the Vice president of the “Voice for Baloch Missing Persons”. He and his organizations is contineously protesting against enforced disappearances in Balochistan by staging a Camp for familyies of missing persons at Quetta Press Club, Karachi Press Club, and Islamabad Press Club from last more then Four Thousand days and is still going on. He lead the March of family members of Baloch missing persons including females, and children from Quetta to Karachi and then to Islamabad they marched by foot for approximately 3000 Kilometers.
Baseer Naveed
Hong Kong based Baseer Naveed is a senior Human Rights Defender and Journalist.  He has worked in Asian Human Rights Commission Hong Kong for many years as the in-charge for South Asia. Currently he is the Executive Director of International Human Rights Council Hong Kong (IHRC-Hong Kong). He has written extensively Urgent Appeals for people whom lives have been in danger. By his writing such appeals Baseer Naveed has saved life’s of  hundreds of people in South Asia. He has a depth knowledge of South Asian politics, conflicts and geopolitics of the region. His own sons was killed because of his father’s continuous and bold voice against the oppressors. Baseer Naveed is seen as a life saver and a legendary Human Rights Defender.
Claudia Wadlich
She is a German politician, writer, and poet. She has deep knowlege of Balochistan politics. She is attached with US based think Tank Balochistan project. She has written four books on different issues. He observers and reports abuse of human rights in Balochistan and daily basis. She has presented her views about Balochistan at different International forums I. e. United Nations, European parliament, etc. She was in Bangkok in 2016, then the conference about about CPEC was not allowed by the Pakistan and China Governments.
Ali Arjemandi
Oslo based Ali Arjemandi is the elder brother of Ehsan Arjemandi. Ehsan Arjemandi is Norwagian and European Citizen. His brother Ehsan Arjemandi was kidnapped by the Pakistan Army forces at day light in front of many people, back in 2009, while he was travelling from Turbat to Karachi by local transport. Ehsan Arjemandi was raising bolding voice against Pakistani forces abuse of rights in Balochistan. He went to Balochistan from Oslo to visit his relatives and family members. Pakistani Ex-Interior Minister Malik Rehman clailmed in National media and in the interview to the Norwagian media that “Ehsan Arjemandi is under custody of Pakistani Forces. Ehsan came to Pakistan without visa. Soon we will present him to court and release him”. But till date they neither presented him to any court of justice nor released him. His mother passed away waiting to see him. His family is in traume. Mr. Arjemandi has an experience “ how the family members of victims of enforced disappearance are going through trauma” How they are suffering ?
Fazal UR Rehaman Afridi
Paris based Fazal Afridi is the Executive director of “Institute of Khyber Studies” a France based NGO. Fazal Afridi has a knoweledge and uptodate information about the abuse of rights of Pashtoon people in Pakistan. The Pakistani forces have disappeared by force thousand of Pashtoon People from different areas. Mazoor Pashteen Who lead the Pashtoon people agaist the enforced disappearances and abuse of rights of people in Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa. Himself and his comrades like Wazir Ali, and Mohsin Dawar were taken in custody under bogus cases. Fazal Afridi is also Pashtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM) France President and has raised the Human Rights issues at different International forums, I.e. United Nations, European Parliament and at Paris.

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