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A LONG WAY TO GO FOR HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE UAE: results of the UN Periodic Review

A LONG WAY TO GO FOR HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE UAE: results of the UN Periodic Review

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With the participation of:

Matthew Hedges – British academic detained in solitary confinement in the UAE, falsely accused of spying for the British Government

Hamad Al Shamsi – Executive Director of the Emirates Detainee Advocacy Center. Member of « UAE 94 ».

Brian Dooley – Brian Dooley is Senior Advisor at Human Rights First and works with Human Rights Defenders around the world

Mary Lawlor (Video statement) – UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders (Video Statement)

Falah Sayed (Chair) – Human Rights Officer at MENA Rights Group (Chair)

Following the UN’s Universal Periodic Review of the UAE on May 8th 2023, Member States made 323 recommendations for steps that the UAE must take to improve its human rights record. On October 3rd 2023, the UAE will respond to these recommendations at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. An advance version of their response shows that they have rejected many of these recommendations, including the crucial ones of releasing prisoners of conscience; taking steps to improve freedom of opinion and expression both online and offline; and, ensuring that human rights defenders can share information freely with UN human rights bodies with no repercussions. Moreover, several allegations of torture of detainees remain unaddressed and no steps have been taken to investigate complaints of torture. The UAE therefore has a very long way to go in improving its human rights record. You are invited to join experts and survivors of the UAE’s repression at a Side Event on October 4th to address the UN’s recommendations and how to improve human rights in the UAE.

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