Le Club suisse de la presse – Geneva Press Club a pour mission d’accueillir et d’aider les journalistes de passage à Genève et de favoriser les échanges entre les milieux suisses et internationaux de l’économie, de la politique, de la culture et des sciences d’une part, et de la presse suisse et étrangère installée en suisse romande et en France voisine d’autre part.

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Press releases

To disseminate information to the press, the Geneva Press Club can send out a press release.

This press release is disseminated as follows:

  • By e-mail to Swiss and foreign journalists and Club members (about 1,500 persons)

Price: 350.-

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To disseminate a press release

    Les derniers communiqués

    Swiss Media Yearbook 2017

    Swiss Media Yearbook 2017

    The Swiss Media Yearbook 2017 is available. To order it please follow this link: https://pressclub.ch/services/annuaire-medias/?lang=en The 10 chapters of the Swiss Media Yearbook Journalists and Individual of Members of GPC Main French-speaking Swiss Newspapers and Magazines Other Newspapers and Magazines from Switzerland, neighbouring regions of France and Liechtenstein French and English-speaking Radio Stations and TV Channels […]

    Ilham Tohti  2016 Martin Ennals Award Laureate  for Human Rights Defenders

    Ilham Tohti 2016 Martin Ennals Award Laureate for Human Rights Defenders

    Ilham Tohti was selected by a jury of 10 global Human Rights organizations (See list below). The Award is given to Human Rights Defenders who have shown deep commitment and face great personal risk. The aim of the award is to provide protection through international recognition. Strongly supported by the City of Geneva, the Award […]